New Dance-A-Long video

Kick off the school year with some pancakes and sick dance moves.

To buy the song click HERE.

2017 USA Fall Tour!

We're going on tour this fall w/ Superfun Yeah Yeah Rocketship and MC Lars. See you on the road!


National Toast Day

Happy National Toast Day! Eat a piece or 30.

Donate the our holiday album "Celebrate This!" HERE.

Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day

Happy Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day! We this song "Bubble Wrap Rap" to celebrate.

Listen to the song HERE.

Donate the our holiday album "Celebrate This!" HERE.

2016 Thats A Wrap!

2016 was busy for us. We toured the USA, Canada and the UK. We released our self-help tape "The Triangle Of Success", started releasing songs for our holiday album "Celebrate This!" and made 12 videos. Have you watched them all? They are all below.

Thanks for being along for the ride. Here's to more cool stuff in 2017.

We also made 3 - 30 minute Mega Mixes of all our videos.

New album "The Triangle of Success"

We're proud to announce our new album! It's called "The Triangle of Success: A Motivational, Inspirational Audio Guide to Achieving Your Dreams". Included on the album are songs, inspirational thoughts and advice on how to make your dreams a reality! 

The album is on all your favorite digital music platforms now. It is also available on limited-edition cassette tape TODAY! Click here to buy the tape!


  1. Intro
  2. The Triangle of Success
  3. Corner #1: Believe
  4. You Are The Best
  5. B-E-L-I-E-V-E
  6. Superstar (feat. MC Lars)
  7. Corner #2: Strive
  8. Working Hard
  9. Positivity
  10. Repeat After Me
  11. Pancakes For Dinner
  12. Corner #3: Achieve
  13. Dream Wagon
  14. Spread Your Wings and Soar (feat. Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls)
  15. Champion
  16. Outro
  17. You Are The Best (Reprise)

Having high self esteem is important to achieving your dreams. We think you're awesome and the first single off the new album should help you understand that. It's called "You Are The Best" and you can listen to it now!