SXSW show change

1 Show Sat. 2 Shows Sunday.  Domain show was switched to sunday.


We played a show in the skyway.  People stared at us.  Thanks Rewire TPT for being awesome and letting us do this.

GROSS Kickstarter

We have a new album called GROSS. Help us make it real by pledging to our Kickstarter campaign! 

If you pledge, you can get your hands on some way cool rewards like scratch-n-sniff stickers, a vile containing one of Neil's mustache hairs, and THIS COOL TEE SHIRT:

The campaign ends on thursday 2/19 so GO NOW! Thanks!

Unibrow Book Giveaway Contest

Reading is cool no matter what book you’re into. It’s especially cool if you also have a unibrow. Take a photo of you or your friends reading with your unibrow and send it our way.  We’ll send FREE Unibrow books to the 10 we like the most.

Two ways to enter:

1. Email us


2. Post your photo on twitter/instagram with #UnibrowReading


All submissions due Monday Feb 9th by Noon Central USA Time.

New Free Koo Koo EP

Brand new FREE Koo Koo EP just for you. 6 tracks from our GoNoodle videos. We're calling it "Cafetorium Songs Vol. 1"

1. Rollercoaster

2. Weird Sounds

3. Chillax

4. This Or That

5. I Get Loose

6. Skip Counting

Download it and help spread the word.



5 New GoNoodle Videos

School is back in session, so we released 5 brand new videos on GoNoodle

Weird Sounds, I Get Loose, Pop See Ko and Secret Handshakes 2 & 3

Watch them for on GoNoodle

Koo Koo Kanga You

Being Koo Koo Kanga Roo is fun. You should try it sometime. Halloween is this week! The perfect opportunity to dress up as us and do some cool dance moves. Just make sure you send us the photos!