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Review: Asian sesame salad


Salads are the strongest category of food on the Panera Bread menu. The options are diverse and thoughtful. Go ahead and pick any of their leafy bowls, you can’t go wrong. While Fuji Apple may be the most well known and iconic salad available at Panera, the Asian Sesame option is an under rated delight. 

On the surface level, this is a simple dish. Romaine lettuce and chicken are the foundation of many Panera salads and the Asian Sesame is no different. However once you move beyond those constant elements, you’re greeted by an artful balance of flavors that push this item to new heights. Cilantro and asian sesame dressing compliment each other nicely providing an airy zip to your tastebuds. Crunchy wonton strips and toasted almonds top off the experience with not one, but two different crunchy sensations. 

The whole package is extremely satisfying. While this salad is one of the lighter options in its category, hungry diners should not hesitate choosing the Asian Sesame salad. Simply pair it with a hearty chili or a flatbread and your belly will thank you.

Rating: 7.5 Bowls of Bread

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